Google Local For Investigators and Skip Tracers

Google local is a great specialized search that allows you to search for key words and phrases by address, city and state or zip code.  Just type in what you are looking for and the area and google will return local results, phone and address listings, maps and related web sites ( if any ).  This is great for investigators, skip tracers and other legal professionals because it allows you to search an area for particular government offices, business services, etc.

For example, if you are looking for courts within Akron, OH, just enter “courts” in the What field and “Akron, OH” in the Where field and you will get results for all the courts listed for that area, map locations and any related web sites.  You can find municipal offices, police departments, libraries, local investigators, repo agents, etc.

You can access Google Local at Google Local .  In addition, there is a version of Google Local for internet-enabled cell phones and mobile devices that can be accessed at Local Google Mobile .  Get familiar with Google Local and you will see the potential benefits it offers for skip tracers and other investigations professionals.

Good luck with your searches.