Google Causes Dating Problems for Reporter

AP reporter Chelsea J. Carter discusses how Google and Googling are making things difficult for her in the dating scene.

From the article —

It starts in a bar: Meet a guy, have a drink, exchange names and later phone numbers.

That meeting is followed by a call a couple of days later. It’s going swimmingly well, you think. Then he says, perhaps innocently, “So I Googled you …”

And there it is. The latest hurdle in my dating life – overcoming Google.

With a click of a mouse, he had found out about my job, my education and a few other things that I didn’t even know were out there. (Read: Internet postings from over the years about everything from my supposed pea-sized brain to my weight – from a few people who, shall we say, aren’t the biggest fans of my stories.)

You can read the entire article @ Googling love interest opens a Pandora’s box.