Go “Inside The Mind of Google” on CNBC Thursday

CNBC will air a one hour documentary special on Google Thursday, Dec. 9PM ET/PT called “Inside The Mind of Google.”

Maria Bartiromo will host “Inside the Mind of Google,” which tells the story of how Google became the web’s top search engine in less than a decade.

The show will discuss –

How Google has climbed to the top of the search engine market.

Google’s strategy for continued growth.

How Google plans to handle the issue of people’s privacy.

The Google search engine is the most visited site in the world – two-thirds of web searches worldwide are done through Google search.

The Google search engine handles over two billion searches every day, giving the search engine giant a large amount of personal information on people. In fact, Google may know more about you than any other company on Earth, possibly even more than your own government.

Our web searches; the contents of our emails and the sites we visit provide unimaginable amounts of raw personal information for data mining and business intelligence.

Maria Bartiromo asks Google executives exactly what they plan to do with all this personal information. Bartiromo also interviews privacy advocates who say that Google’s collection of personal information is a threat to its users.

For more information on CNBC’s “Inside The Mind of Google”, you can watch the video preview below –