Google Street View Catches Shoplifter

Google Street View Crime

McIvor caught fleeing store with stolen merchandise. ( Photo Credit: Google Street View )

Google Street View cameras have recorded a lot of strange scenes and surprising events over the years, but this has to rank as one of the best. A woman has been arrested for shoplifting after she was caught by a Google Street View camera leaving a store with merchandise.

An IT worker who was searching Google’s Street View maps was taken by surprise when he realized that a Google Street View camera car had recorded a woman running out of a store with stolen merchandise.

Tammy McIvor, 30, has a history of criminal activity and drug problems, but this time she was caught red handed in a sequence of pictures that were recorded by a Google camera after she ran out of a discount store with a duffle bag full of stolen items while a store employee chased after her.

McIvor almost got away with her small-time heist, until Peter Darby, 30, spotted the incident on Google maps. Darby was checking out his old hangouts from his college years on Google Street View when he found the pictures of McIvor being chased down the street by an employee from a local store in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire England.

At the time the theft occurred, store managers and employees were unable to properly identify the McIvor. But, luckily, Google’s street mapping cameras caught it all.

Although McIvor’s face is blocked out in Google’s Street View images, police were able to identify her by the distinct white outfit and boots that she is known for wearing. In addition, she was already well-known to the police before they saw the Google images.

McIvor is also well known among local stores and businesses, who keep an eye out for her and her petty crimes.

The Google images were recorded on June 19, 2016, just as McIvor fled the store with the stolen merchandise.

After McIvor was arrested, she pleaded guilty to the theft and was ordered to do a year of community service and complete a drug rehabilitation program.