Intelius Buys Facebook Genealogy App

Intelius, a people records and search company, has acquired the popular Facebook genealogy app “Family Builder” and is re-naming the service “Live Family”. Live Family allows you to find and reconnect with family members on Facebook as well as build a family tree on the social network. As of this post, people have listed over 345 million connections with family members on the site.

When Intelius bought Live Family in June, the genealogy site had 30 million users. The number of people using Live Family has grown to 41 million in the past four months. The idea behind Live Family is to have a central hub where family members can connect, communicate and share information in a dynamic online family tree.

Although Live Family started out as a genealogy site, Intelius has bigger plans for the service. The Facebook social network is a “social graph,” LinkedIn is a “professional graph” and Intelius hopes that Live Family will become a “family tree graph”. Live Family is currently entirely based on the Facebook social graph. However, Intelius is planning smartphone applications for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Intelius is an online people search, finder, public records and background check service. This genealogy and family finder app seems to fit well with Intelius’ other public records and search tools. You can visit the Live Family site at

For more information on genealogy, family research and finding family members online see the Wikipedia genealogy page.