Tossable Eyeball Surveillance Camera

GizMag is reporting on a baseball-size digital spy camera that is encased in rubber and polyurethane, allowing it to be tossed through windows and doors or bounced off walls to record hard to reach areas in dangerous situations.

From the article —

It’s when the Eyeball lands that it becomes incredibly useful as it can capture video up to 25 metres distance and audio up to five metres, and then wirelessly send that real-time info up to 200 metres to handheld device.

An omnidirectional lens rotates at 4 rpm and provides a 55-degree horizontal and 41-degree vertical field of view. It doesn’t even need daylight as it also has night vision capability. Warfighters or Law enforcement officers can roll, toss, or drop the rugged Eye Ball into virtually any hazardous situation – providing the immediate visibility required for users to make safe, intelligent decisions in dangerous environments.

The entire article is available @ The EyeBall tossable surveillance device.