The Long Arms on Your Cell Phone

This 11/06/2006 article from Business Week details the pros and cons of the various people search, mapping and tracking technology that are featured on cell phones.

From the article —

They’re becoming increasingly sophisticated tracking devices popular in social networking circles

By now, anyone with a Net connection is familiar with social networking sites such as The only name that may score higher on the buzz-o-meter is Barack Obama. But the momentum has really just begun. Site operators are linking their services to cell phones, enabling users to stay in constant touch without booting up a PC. Social networking has “become so incredibly viral,” says MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe, “it makes all the sense in the world to port this to a mobile device.”

Now more cell services are incorporating location-based satellite technology and maps from the likes of Navteq Corp., making all kinds of social applications possible. Services such as,, and help satellite-linked users find restaurants, nightclubs, and movie theaters, and learn where friends in their network are congregating. All they need to do is press a few buttons to pull up the best route to a desired destination.

Source: The Long Arm Of The Cell Phone