Text Messages That Self-Destruct

Erin Bradley at searchviews.com has posted an interesting article on a new service that allows people to send self-destructing text messages.

The service, offered by Staellium UK, is called StealthText and it allows users to send text messages from their mobile phones and wireless devices that self-destruct 40 seconds after being opened.

From the post and article –

“History is littered with tales of messages that should have been destroyed…According to Carole Barnum, CEO and cofounder of Staellium UK, StealthText users can breathe a sigh of relief 40 seconds after sending a message. ‘The ability to send a self-destruct message has massive benefits for people from all walks of life, from everyday mobile users to celebrities and business people,’ Barnum said.

You can read the entire post and linked article at SMS as Spy Tool – StealthText