Surveillance Cameras Watch for Crime on NYC Buses is reporting on a surveillance camera system that will monitor crime and potential terrorist threats on New York City buses.

From the article —

The camera-equipped buses were rolled out at the Michael J. Quill Depot, West 41st Street and 11th Avenue, to show off the $5.2 million system developed by Integrian Inc.

The state-of-the-art crimefighting camera system features multiple interior cameras, including one that faces forward to display the bus driver’s view.

The cameras are connected to a digital video recorder, which stores the footage for possible use in the investigation of accident injury claims and prosecution of criminal activity.

The new surveillance system will be a great deterrent of crime and vandalism, New York City Transit spokesman Charles Seaton said, adding that it also will be an important weapon against terrorism.

Source: New cameras will eye crooks on city buses