Interview With a Caller-ID Spoofer

Have you ever heard of caller-ID spoofing? Caller-ID spoofing ( also called phone number spoofing ) involves making a phone call to a person or business through a system designed to trick their caller-ID equipment into displaying another residential or business phone number.

Believe it or not, phone number spoofing is currently legal in the US. Although, the US House and Senate are working on legislation [ HR251 & S.704 ] that would make phone number spoofing a federal crime.

A Google search for caller-ID spoofing returns nearly 80,000 results, including a number of websites that offer online phone number spoofing services.

Network World has recently published an interview with a telecommunications worker who used phone number spoofing on a former employer, who owed him thousands of dollars in unpaid commissions. After the HR department stopped returning his phone calls, he used a chain of spoofing numbers to finally reach the CEO of the company to complain about the unpaid commissions owed to him.

He even confesses to using caller-ID spoofing to spoof a White House phone number.

His take on the use of phone number spoofing — “Juvenile? Yes,” Bell acknowledges. “Effective at getting past call screeners? Absolutely. Subject to horrible abuse? Totally.”

For an interesting read, check out Network World’s interview with “Bell” @ Confessions of a Caller-ID Spoofer.