High Tech Students Film Teachers’ Tempers

The “Little Brother” phenomenon continues. According to the UK Times, students are using mobile cell phone cameras to film teachers losing their tempers in the classroom and then send the videos to their friends for entertainment. Some students are even posting these short film takes online at one of the numerous video sharing sites.

From the article —

TEACHERS have complained of “bullying” by pupils who use mobile phones to film them losing their temper and then send the videos to their friends for amusement.

Often, the pupils goad staff into “ranting for the camera” to make the video as entertaining as possible.

The phenomenon has caused such concern that it is to be raised in a motion at this week’s annual conference of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers in Gateshead.

“There has been an upsurge in the covert filming of teachers,” said Andy Brown, the teacher who has tabled the motion calling for the union to study ways of preventing it.

“In some cases, teachers’ heads have been superimposed on another image to make them look stupid and the whole thing posted on an internet site.”

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Pupils use mobiles to ‘bully’ teachers