Find People On Social Networks With Qwerly People Search

Qwerly [ ] is a new people search engine for social networks that allows users to enter a Twitter ID ( ex. @username ) and find other social network profiles that the person is associated with.

According to Qwerly founder Max Niederhofer, the new people search is like a Domain Name Lookup for people on social networks.

The goal of Qwerly is to be the go-to people search lookup to find what social sites you and other people are using.

For example, you search a Twitter user ID on Qwerly and get results for that person’s other social network profiles, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube and Foursquare as well as numerous others.

Qwerly could be a great starting search for doing background checks and background research on a person.

Instead of guessing which social networks a person is on, you can just enter their Twitter ID and get a list of their profiles.

People can also edit, delete or correct the personal and social network information the Qwerly has about them.

In addition, the Qwerly people finder is working on listing a person’s contacts as well in their search results.

Qwerly is not the first people finder search to rely on social network data. Other people searches that use social network profile information include 123People Search, Spokeo people finder and even is now including social network results in their people search results.

However, with more and more people joining social networks and doing people searches on Google, Facebook etc., this field will continue to grow. However, only people search sites that present all of this social network information in a useful way will survive in this growing field.

Qwerly People Finder