How To Search For & Find Your Birth Parents

How Public Records Can Help Adoptees Search For Their Birth Parents

Being an adopted child is often not very easy. Even if you have the love and care of your adopted parents and are treated as though you are their biological child, many adopted children have a strong need to learn where they came from and to find their biological parents. This yearning may be one that is hard to fulfill, but if you’re an adoptee and you’re trying to find your birth parents there are many things that you can do to locate them.

First, it’s a good idea to speak with your adopted parents. This is a difficult step for many adoptee parents to take, as they’re worried that they will lose the affection of their adopted child. If you’re an adopted child make sure that you speak to your adopted parents with love and affection and reassure them about how you feel about them. The whole reason of speaking with your parents is to find out the names of your biological parents as well as any background information your adopted parents may know about your birth parents.

Finding Your Birth Parents

If your parents know the name of your biological parents you’re good to go. Finding them becomes much easier if you know their names. If you live in South Carolina, for example, all you’d need to do is to find a good South Carolina people search engine to search with. An online people finder can search through state public records that can help you to easily locate your birth parents, as long as you know their names and you have some idea of where they were born or where they lived. For instance if you know what city you were born in, all you have to do is to look up your name and their name through a South Carolina people search engine. This will likely bring up information on them, although depending on the type of adoption it may not.

If your adoption was closed then you may need to contact the adoption agency in order to get the names of your birth parents. But once you have the names, and their approximate ages at the time of your birth, you can use South Carolina search engines and South Carolina public records to help you to locate them. With a bit of work and some time you should be able to find anyone who has South Carolina public records about them.

For more information on the rights of adopted children and how other people have found their birth parents, see the Facebook page for the Adoptee Rights Coalition.