Facebook’s New People Search Engine

Facebook People SearchWatch what you do, Facebook is auto-tagging you. And by the way, watch what you say because they are listening to you and captioning you too. All of your indiscretions and bloopers will now be recorded, saved, tagged and searchable with your name.

Facebook is working on new ways to search for and find people in images and videos.

The world’s most popular social network is taking people search technology to the next level by using machine learning programs to auto-tag and find people by name in online media. Facebook is currently working on a new artificial intelligence program that will be able to search for people in photos and videos and find them by name.

Someday soon, Facebook users will be able to search for a person in pictures or video simply by typing in their name. This new Facebook people search will use facial recognition and AI programs to return image and video results that contain the person that you search for.

Facebook gave users a preview of this new search technology at their F8 developer conference a few weeks ago. Facebook’s director of Applied Machine Learning, Joaquin Quiñonero Candela, described the new technology as an image search engine on steroids.

According to Candela, Facebook’s program will allow you to search for a person by name in any of the pictures or videos that you or your friends have shared on the social network.

Candela also added that Facebook’s image search will be able to automatically generate captions for anything people say in the videos and even take users right to the exact frames that the person appears in the video. In addition, Facebook’s new people search will be able to identify the person’s relationship with you.

Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Research department is considered to be one of the most advanced AI and machine learning divisions in the world. The social media giant has almost 1.5 billion people who use the site every month. This large user base gives Facebook a lot of personal information to use when training their AI programs to recognize people, places and things in images and video.

The more images and names that Facebook’s new people finder program processes, the better it will get at finding people by name in images and video. Facebook has been connecting and reuniting friends and family now for over a decade and this new people search tool will make it even easier for people to find each other on Facebook’s social network.