New Facebook Privacy Settings Help Protect Business Users

Facebook’s new privacy options make it easier for business users to show different personal information to business contacts and personal friends. However, users will have to be willing to navigate the new privacy options to divide their personal information between their professional and personal contacts.

Although not difficult, Facebook’s new privacy options require time to set up.

To do this, Facebook users will have to divide friends into sublists and being willing to modify privacy settings for each of their Facebook posts and updates.

Doing these things can allow your Facebook account to show your personal information in different ways to different types of contacts on the social network.

Facebook’s new privacy controls primarily allow people to keep business contacts from viewing personal posts and friends from viewing what they discuss with professional contacts on Facebook.

Facebook’s goal of maintaining separate business and personal profiles on the social network will be accomplished with new privacy settings that allow updates to be shown to “Everyone,” “Friends,” or “Friends of Friends.”

Facebook also has a “customize” option that allows an update to be shown (or not) to specific people or groups. The same update can include some people and deny others, as users choose.

The possible end to these growing privacy controls could, unfortunately, be additional layers of complexity and setting up your Facebook account, which could lead to fewer people using the controls and undermining the idea of Facebook privacy even further, but that remains to be seen.

Facebook’s new privacy tools are not a total solution to user privacy.

If users want total separation between their business and personal Facebook profiles, they need to create individual Facebook accounts for both business and professional use.

Also Facebook power users should expect some overlap between their business and professional lists. In addition, some people will inevitably forget to modify the share options for updates and posted information will mistakenly go out to everyone when it was really meant for one group or the other.

Source: PC World.