Facebook Hires Privacy Lobby in Washington and Brussels

The Facebook social network experienced wild growth in 2009. Facebook went from 50 million registered people in January to more than 350 million registered people in less than a year.

Facebook spent $9.5M in 2009 to settle a lawsuit regarding their advertising tool that was rolled out in 2007 and viewed by many as an invasion of user privacy.

In November 2009 Facebook made changes to their social network that exposed millions of people’s personal information to the web.

Now that Facebook has become a storehouse of personal information, it is feeling the growing pressure from governments and privacy advocates to safeguard user data.

In an effort to head off future legal threats over privacy issues, Facebook has hired a team of lobbyists in Washington and Brussels to press its case with elected officials.

It will be interesting to see whether or not the Facebook privacy lobby acts as educators or palm-greasers to the elected officials the are trying to influency.

[ Source: UK Telegraph ]