Acxiom Data Mining and Your Digital Profile

In the book Super Crunchers, Acxiom Corporation is described as “one of the biggest companies you’ve never heard of”.

Acxiom is a personal data aggregator that collects consumer information on nearly every household in the United States and maintains a database mine of over twenty billion personal records.

Acxiom’s data mine of information is over 850 Terabytes of people data which would fill a 20,000 mile tower of one billion diskettes.

Acxiom collects its data from public records, census data, tax records and commercial information supplied by businesses and credit companies.

The company is considered to be a top dog in the business of consumer data integration.

Believe it or not, Acxiom probably knows what consumer mail you receive, brands of clothing you wear as well as the type of pet you own.

Every person in the Acxiom data mine is assigned a 13 digit code that categorizes them into one of 70 lifestyle categories.

For example: one of Acxiom’s lifestyle categories is a “Shooting Star”, which is someone who is thirty-six to forty-five, married, has no children, is an early riser and runner, travels abroad and watches Seinfeld reruns.

The lifestyles are so specific that nearly one third of all Americans get recategorized by Acxiom every year.

Through data mining all of this personal information, Acxiom is even able to predict what category you will likely fit into next year.

Acxiom Site:

Yahoo Finance: ACXM

[ Source: Super Crunchers by Ian Ayres; Trading in Data – pages 145 -146 ]