Baltimore Is Spy Tech Central

Baltimore Map

People who live in Baltimore or visit the city are under constant surveillance. A recent article in Wired magazine may have Baltimore, Maryland being referred to as “Big Brother Baltimore.” According to Wired’s article, How Baltimore Became America’s Laboratory for Spy Tech, the city has become a spy tech metropolis. According to the article, the […]


People Using Drones To Spy On Cheaters

Spy Drone

Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned. Drone surveillance technology has now made it easier for people to spy on and catch a cheating partner or spouse. Some divorce lawyers are reporting that people are increasingly using drones to monitor and record the activities of their romantic partners. Lawmakers at the local, state and […]


Your Smart Devices Are Spying On You

Amazon Echo

The internet of things is an ever growing connection of networked smart devices that monitor and record the people who use them. This expanding network of devices is on its way to becoming the most powerful and pervasive surveillance tool in the history of the world. If there were any truth in advertising, the “internet […]


Police Can Track People Based On “Threat Scores”

Color Threat Alerts

Some police departments are now using predictive software that allows them to monitor and track people based on individual, computer-generated “threat scores.” A “threat score” can be thought of as law enforcement’s version of a credit score. However, whereas credit scores are used to assess your financial risk to creditors; threat scores measure your personal […]


Private Investigator Uses Drones To Record Prostitutes

Drone Camera Prostitution

It’s funny how new technology continues to disrupt old business practices. Now, even the world’s oldest profession has a new high-tech problem – flying drones with video cameras. Private investigator and anti-prostitution activist, Brian Bates, is using drones to spy on, record and catch prostitutes and the people who hire them. Brian Bates operates a […]