Ohio’s New Public Records Mediation


Ohio lawmakers have come up with a new way to handle public records disputes that arise between people and state government agencies. The Ohio legislature has proposed a public records mediation service to help handle public record appeals from citizens whose requests for government records are delayed or outright denied. In June, lawmakers passed a […]


Court Dismisses Public Records Racketeering Lawsuit

Public Record Files

Judges on the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals have dismissed a class-action public records racketeering lawsuit that was filed by the town of Gulf Stream, Florida and one of their contractors against five people and several companies for filing too many public records requests. The town of Gulf Stream and the Wantman Group filed […]


California Could Copyright Public Records

Public Records

The use of public records and other government works could get a lot more restrictive in the state of California. Some elected officials in California are supporting a bill that could remove all state and local government records and works from the public domain by applying intellectual property rights to them. A committee in the […]


ESPN Files $90K Public Records Motion Against MSU

Public Records FOIA

Government agencies and public institutions are learning the hard way that stonewalling on Freedom of Information Act requests for public records can lead to expensive lawsuits and tarnished reputations. ESPN has filed a $90,000 legal motion against Michigan State University to recover legal expenses and fees that the network racked up during a public records […]


Online Database Reveals Millions Of U.S. Voter Records

Ballot Box

In this era of big data, you never know where your personal information is going to turn up next or who will find it and use it. It was revealed this week that computer security investigator and “white hat” hacker, Chris Vickery, discovered a freely accessible online database that contains the personal information on people […]