Mother and Daughter Reunited After 40 Years

Here is a great mother and daughter reunion story that shows how online people search efforts can reunite a mother with her long lost daughter after almost 40 years — A woman whose kids were taken from her by the East German Stasi secret police was recently reunited with one of them after nearly 4 […]


Track Your Online Reputation With Vanity Searches

If you’ve been online for any amount of time, if you know your way around the Internet and are generally aware of how the system works, if you have established your online presence and left your mark behind, you would definitely be guilty of doing a vanity search at some point of time. And if […]

Read More >> Free People Search Engine

The people search has been added to the Skipease main Free People Search page. makes finding someone easy and is one of the web’s best people search engines at the moment. 123People can search for a person across social networks, people search sites, blogs and deep web public record searches. 123People searches for […]


MIT’s Personas Search Measures A Person’s Online Persona

Personas is a people search engine created by Aaron Zinman from MIT’s Media Lab. You search for your name or someone else’s name on Personas and the search engine searches the web for the context associated with it and returns a graphical profile of your online persona. Taking someone’s name as input Personas then culls […]


Inmate Search and Sex Offender Update

Our inmate search and National Sex Offender Registry page has been updated. We just updated the prison inmate search page with new links to the Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate search; National Sex Offender Registry Database as well as US state prison inmate search sites and state departments of corrections. State prison inmate search updates […]