Badoo’s ‘Selfie Request’ Combats Online Dating Fraud


You never know whether or not the person you are talking to online is the real deal or not, or if their profile photos are current or even authentic. According to research, over 50 percent of people who use online dating sites claim that they have encountered other people who have faked their profile information. […]


Algorithm Detects Lies That People Tell Online

Truth and Lies

A new computer algorithm can find and detect the lies that people tell in their emails, social media or online dating profiles. A group of four researchers at Cass Business School in the United Kingdom claim to have developed a lie-detecting algorithm that can find a person’s lies simply by analyzing their choice of words, […]


‘Beautiful People’ Site Exposed Personal Information

Beautiful People Dating Site

What’s the world coming to when even the beautiful people aren’t safe from having their personal information exposed on the internet and sold by online scammers. It was widely reported last week that the online dating site “Beautiful People” managed to lose personal information from over 1.1 million of the site’s online dating profiles due […]


FBI Warns: Online Dating Scams On The Rise

Online Dating Scam

Last week the Federal Bureau of Investigation warned the public that online dating scams targeting lonely and lovelorn people are on the rise. The FBI plans to investigate and prosecute online dating scammers with their new anti-crime initiative “Operation Romeo and Juliet.” According to the FBI, an ever-increasing number of Americans from every age group […]


People Obsessed With Selfies Ruin Relationships

Selfie People

Are people who take “selfies” more likely to destroy their personal relationships? A recent study done by two researchers at Florida State University found that people who are obsessed with taking selfies of themselves and sharing these personal photos on social networks like Facebook and Instagram are more likely to experience trouble in their personal […]