Drones Used To Investigate Workers Compensation Fraud

Workers Compensation Investigation

Workers compensation fraud is on the rise and the financial loss from it totals in the billions of dollars per year in the United States. It is estimated that workers compensation fraud costs the average U.S. citizen as much as a $1,000 per year in increased insurance premiums and extra expenses. As a result, it […]


USPS Package Tracking Catches Drug Dealer

Package Tracking

This true crime story is like a real life episode of Breaking Bad. An alleged drug dealer was discovered and caught after he regularly checked the status of shipments of methylone from China on the United States Postal Service’s Track n’ Confirm site. According to legal documents filed in an ongoing federal criminal case in […]


Trustify App Helps People Find Private Investigators

Trustify Logo

A new iPhone app called Trustify promises to help people find qualified and affordable private investigators with the tap of a smartphone screen. Trustify has been called the “Uber” for people trying to locate a licensed private investigator in their area. For $60.00 per hour people can use Trustify to hire a reputable investigator for […]


How Social Media Can Be Used By Investigators

Social media hasn’t ended the need for private investigators, but it has without a doubt made some of their tasks a great deal easier. In a world where social media plays such a big role, it is much easier to find information that was once very difficult to find. Many people don’t realize just how […]


CIA Agents Collect Business Intelligence For Companies

According to report from Politico.com, the CIA is allowing agents to do work on the side for the private sector. The new CIA policy will give large companies unprecedented access to the US government’s top intelligence experts. Some of these active CIA agents did work for a hedge-fund consulting firm in the specialized area of […]