Facebook Ordered To Stop Collecting People’s Information

Facebook WhatsApp

The data gods at Facebook have run into another privacy problem with a data watchdog and privacy regulator in Germany. Facebook has been ordered to stop gathering and sharing personal information on people who use the company’s WhatsApp messaging service in Germany. A German privacy regulator has accused Facebook of violating Germany’s national data protection […]


Facebook’s New People Search Engine

Facebook People Search

Watch what you do, Facebook is auto-tagging you. And by the way, watch what you say because they are listening to you and captioning you too. All of your indiscretions and bloopers will now be recorded, saved, tagged and searchable with your name. Facebook is working on new ways to search for and find people […]


People Sharing Less Personal Info On Facebook

Facebook Share

Either people are getting more serious about keeping their personal information offline, or the excitement of social media mania is starting to decline with the masses. Whatever the reason, people are sharing fewer and fewer personal updates on Facebook. This is a serious problem for the world’s largest social network which has built a billion […]


Facebook Wants To Destroy Your Phone Number

No Phone Number

Evidently, Facebook’s goal of connecting everyone on Earth includes eliminating their reliance on phone numbers for calling each other. If Facebook has its way, phone numbers will be going the way of the dinosaurs – into the dustbin of history. David Marcus, Facebook’s vice president in charge of instant messaging applications, posted his predictions for […]


Facebook Changes ‘Real Name’ Reporting Policy

Facebook Real Name Policy

Facebook is well known for their strict name policy that requires people to use real names on their social network profiles. Recently, Facebook has gotten some bad press for the procedures they use for reporting, flagging and enforcing their real-name policy. However, this week the social media giant is set to change the procedures that […]