Become a Google Power User With “Google Power”

We all know Google is a great people search; business search and other background and investigative search engine, but the real power in using Google is with all of the tricks that you can use to really zero in on what you are looking for online.

Google Power by Chris Sherman is one of the best, if not the best, non-technical and no-nonsense Google search tip books for skip tracers, private investigators and online researchers on the market. The book has over 400 pages of Google news, tips and tricks for becoming a Google Power User.

Some Google topics covered in the book that are of particular interest to skip tracers and private investigators include entire chapters on the best ways to use Google to find people; searching Google News; conduct business background and corporate records searches; customizing Google to get the most out of your searches and much more.

You can read more about Google Power by Chris Sherman, including customer reviews on Amazon at Google Power on Amazon. You can even buy a cheap used copy of the book for around $10.00 on the Amazon site.

Once again, good luck with all of your web search and people search efforts.