Ambient Findability – Learn It and Use It!

Ambient Findability is a forward-looking ( or, rather,  forward-finding ) new book by Peter Morville that should be required reading for all skip tracers, private investigators and internet research professionals.

The book discusses the theory and practice of how people find the information they are seeking in an era of information overload and how they sort out the information that is useful for their particular purposes.  With modern communications and publishing, the question isn’t “Is the information out there?”, but, rather, “How do I ask the right questions and search the right way to find the information?”

Topics discussed in the book that are of interest in the field of skip tracing and investigations include:

1. Social Networking Sites
2. Global Positioning Systems
3. Mobile Communications
4. Mapping  and Wayfinding
5. People Finding

At only 179 pages, the book is easily readable and understandable, but contains information that is invaluable for skip tracers and investigators.  Learn how others find information and apply these practices in your own searches.  This book should not be viewed as a “how-to” search tutorial, but, rather, a way of seeing the search possibilities that are expanding at a mind-numbing rate.  If you want to think about the future of finding, searching and locating, then this is the book for you.

You can read an interview with the author of Ambient Findability in Business Week at The Impact of “Ambient Findability” .

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