Infidelity Apps Let Couples Spy On Each Other

Couple Tracker

Couple Tracker App

There is a new generation of surveillance and tracking tools for suspicious spies in the house of love.

Online dating sites, social networks and dating apps have made it easier than ever before for people to search for and find casual as well as serious relationships with other people. However, these same internet services have also made it easier for people to spy on each other and catch a cheating partner or spouse online.

Some new web sites and mobile apps have been created that are specifically designed to help people search for and catch a cheating partner online.

SwipeBuster is a newly-launched site that can search Tinder by a person’s full name and location to see if they have a profile on the dating app and they most recent time that they used Tinder.

Although highly unethical as well as illegal, there are also spyware programs like mSpy and FlexiSpy that can be secretly installed on a person’s smartphone that let you spy on their mobile activities remotely.

On the ethical and consensual side of partner surveillance are apps like mCouple and CoupleTracker that let couples monitor each other’s phone call history, text messages, social media use and GPS locations. Surveillance apps like these require both people to consent and opt-in in order to track each other.

Secret spying and tracking technology is legally questionable and many states have laws that prohibit the monitoring and tracking of another person’s mobile device without their consent. However, opt-in tracking apps like mCouple and CoupleTracker are legal since both people in the relationship must agree to the monitoring and tracking of their mobile activities and locations.

Opt-in tracking apps can also help to reestablish trust in relationships that have been damaged by a partner who has cheated in the past. These consensual tracking apps can bring added transparency to relationships where trust has been badly damaged by past infidelities.

On the downside, even these opt-in tracking apps can cause problems. For one, couples who use these apps can find themselves obsessively checking there partners activities and whereabouts, which can create a sense of paranoia and panic in an already suspicious person. In addition, GPS locations are not always accurate and can show people at locations where they aren’t at. This can cause big trust problems if the GPS mistakenly shows a person is located in or near a hotel or motel, which has happened to some people who have used these apps.

These opt-in tracking apps can create a sort of “interrogation effect” in some relationships, where one or both partners are constantly questioning the other person about their locations and activities and the other person is constantly having to justify everything that the app reports about them. In fact, some couples have reported that these consensual tracking apps created more drama and problems than they resolved.

There is also a range of new hidden cameras that can be covertly installed in your home and accessed via smartphone apps that can give you proof of any infidelity in realtime and in living color, but this type of partner surveillance has limited use since these devices can only be installed in the limited number of places that you have access to.

Most people would agree that it is better to question your partner in person rather than secretly install apps on their smarthphone that monitor their activities and track their locations. However, new technology is helping people find out things that their partner would never own up to in a one-on-one conversation. As they say, talk is cheap, but a person’s real-world actions speak louder than words.

Suspicious people have been spying on their partners ever since human relationships began, but now there are more options than ever for finding out is your suspicions are correct.