Faception Analyzes People’s Faces For Criminal Behavior


Can facial features reveal personality traits to profile potential criminals as well as consumers? A new tech company called “Faception” claims it can analyze people’s facial features to judge personality characteristics and determine if a person is a likely terrorist, criminal or a good potential customer. Physiognomy is an age old belief that you can […]


Phone Number Metadata Reveals Personal Information

Phone Call Metadata

The metadata that is associated with telephone numbers isn’t as anonymous as the government, politicians and law enforcement would have people believe. A new privacy study shows how a lot of detailed personal information can be easily mined from “anonymous” phone number metadata using common internet searches and online public records. According to the study, […]


Holocaust Survivor Reunited With Veteran Who Freed Him

Sid Shafner and Marcel Levy

A Holocaust survivor has been reunited with the World War II Army veteran who freed him from the Dachau concentration camp 71 years ago. Sid Shafner is the 94-year-old World Ward II veteran who was part of the heroic military effort that liberated over 30,000 Holocaust survivors from the German concentration camp back in 1945.┬áMarcel […]


College Admissions To Exclude Criminal Records

Beyond the Box

It appears that the “Ban the Box” movement against the use of some criminal records in hiring and employment decisions has officially targeted college admission applications that ask people questions about their criminal background. Last week, the United States Department of Education announced their “Beyond the Box” campaign that is aimed at making it easier […]


Federal Background Checks Will Include Social Media

Social Media

There is a large number of departments and agencies in the United States federal government that require security clearances for employees that have access to sensitive data. There are currently over 4 million United States citizens that have federal security clearances. These security clearances allow people to access classified federal government records and information at […]