Help Solve A 26-Year-Long Missing Person Search

Christopher Kerze

Police are hoping that some age progression pictures will help end a 26-year-long missing person search for Christopher Kerze from Eagan, Minnesota. Christopher was just 17 years old when he disappeared on April 20, 1990. His car was found outside of Grand Rapids, MN, but he was never found. His parents, Loni and Jim Kerze, […]


An Olympic People Search Effort


It looks like the 2016 Rio Olympics has a monumental people search task on their hands. Olympic organizers are trying to find 13,000 people who are owed refunds for their unused tickets. According to Mario Andrada, a spokesman for the Rio Olypics, the group has over $3 million in refunds to send out, but unfortunately […]


The Best Ways To Find Information On People


The internet has made it easy for anyone to play the role of a virtual gumshoe and collect information on a person. The term “open source intelligence” ( OSINT ) refers to the process for finding and gathering publicly available information on people. We recently used a number of OSINT, people search and public record […]


Doing A Reverse Email Lookup On Google

Reverse Email Lookup

Everyone knows that search engines like Google are go-to sites when you want to search for a person, topic or current event, but did you know that Google’s search engine can be used to do a reverse email lookup? Google has so many web pages indexed that it is likely you will find information regarding […]


Mother & Daughter Find Each Other Through Ancestry Search

Suzi Brown & Laurie Coburn

A successful people search on has reunited an adopted woman with her biological mother after 53 years. Laurie Ogilvie was only 15 years old and still in high school when she gave birth to Denise Marie Mills in 1963. Laurie was only able to spend a few minutes with her newborn daughter before she […]