More People Doing Background Checks On Each Other

Background Checks

Due to the rapid growth in social networking, online dating and digital infidelity, more and more people are playing amateur investigator by doing their own background checks on each other with the use of online government records and people search engines. Online public records and people search sites have made it easier for everyday people […]


People Search Reunites Siblings After 54 Years

Leighton and Debra Reunion

Successful family reunion stories like this one are becoming more and more common, thanks to the proliferation of online public records, social networks and people search sites. A long-lost brother and sister have finally been reunited, 54 years after family problems split them apart. Leighton Leggett was only 3 years old and his older sister, […]


Facebook Will Start Tracking People Offline

Facebook Smartphone Location

It is already common knowledge that marketers and tech companies track people online, but now Facebook wants to track people offline too. It seems that Facebook is always coming up with new ways to track people online and collect their personal information. The popular social network even goes so far as to track people’s behaviors […]


FBI Facial Recognition Program Has Problems

FBI Seal

This week, the United States Government Accountability Office ( GAO ) issued a report that raises serious questions about the reliability of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s facial recognition system for identifying potential criminal suspects. The GAO, which is considered to be the government watchdog division for the U.S. Congress, issued a report that calls […]


Mom Finds Kidnapped Son After A 21 Year Search

Steve Hernandez & Maria Mancia

If you are trying to find a missing person or long-lost family member, this story will give you incentive to carry on with your search. If you are trying to find a person, never give up hope and never give up your people search. This was a mother and child reunion that was two decades […]